The Directorate provides consultations and prepares legal opinions in the course of inspection activities. It takes part in producing the realization of proper and administrative-penal liability. The Directorate provides legal representation of the Agency before the courts on cases, based on appeals against issued penal provisions and administrative acts related to the results of implemented inspection activity, as well as cases under the Access to the Public Information Act (APIA). It prepares legal opinions and drafts of decisions under the APIA. The Directorate provides or participates in drafting of statutory instruments and internal acts which concern the inspection activity, gives also legal opinions on drafts of statutory instruments received by other authorities to coordinate.

Elaborates or participates in the preparation of draft normative and internal acts concerning the inspection activity and gives opinions on drafts of normative acts received from other state bodies for coordination.

Performs the legal-regulatory service in the field of administrative management of the agency. Organizes and participates in checks for ex-post control of the quality of the inspection activity and of the assistance to the controllers of the European Commission.